Music City Motion... Nashville's premier swing dance organization. Primarily focused on education Music City Motion formed in May of 2002 by Tim Munsell (at that time, a recent transplant from Chicago) who brought with him Petra Morkel and Sarah Kennedy. Petra has been in Europe for nearly a year now (and we eagerly await her return) but Sarah is still around as Tim's primary teaching partner.

Our purpose is to promote and grow, in both size and ability, the Lindy Hop/Swing Dance community in Nashville. We seek to accomplish this goal through five functions:

  • Exceptional weekly classes from beginning to advanced.
  • Weekly dance events
  • National level weekend workshops with renown instructors
  • Regular local workshops
  • Joint special events with the Nashville Swing Kids

Through these events new people are introduced to swing dancing, and veteran dancers are improving like never before.

We also offer performances and presentations about swing dancing and jazz suitable for just about any aged and sized group.

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