Swing and Lindy Hop Classes

Join a Swing Class Starting Monday (July 3)

Music City Motion classes will refreshing for the last time the first week of July. Catch a Balboa class this summer before its too late. After July, Music City Motion will no longer offer weekly classes.

Beginning Swing and Charleston
If you've never done any, or only done a little bit a swing dancing this is your class. If you already know how to swing dancing this is a great class to invite a friend to. Take the class together and not only will your friend love you for it, you might learn something new as well.
Mondays: 6:30p

Beginning/Intermediate Charleston
If you already know how to swing but only dabbled in Charleston... get kickin' in this class!
Tuesdays: 7:35p

Beginning/Intermediate Lindy Hop
Taking the beginning Lindy Hop workshop with Reuel and Abigail July1? Already know the basic but need more? Itching to give this crazy dance a shot? This is where you belong.
Tuesdays: 6:30p

Intermediate/Advanced Charleston & Lindy Hop
Lindy Hop and Charleston at high flyin', high stylin' speeds. Action packed & FUN!
Thursdays: 6:30p

Beginning Balboa
You've heard about the dance, you've seen it done, now it's time to get you doin' it.
Mondays: 6:30p

Intermediate/Advance Balboa
Got your basics, break time, and a little bit more? Add spice and finesse in this class.
Tuesdays: 7:35p

Each class is $35 for the full month (that 1 class a week), and if you can't do that there are drop in and partial month rates for the Interemdiate and Advanced classes. All of our classes are located in the studio at the Bellevue Center Mall. Directions are easy and are on the website

Private Lessons

If classes just aren't you're thing we do offer private lessons (up to 3 couples). We can come to you or you can come to us, we're pretty flexible about days and times too. Private lessons start at $40/hr and we do have options if you'd like to do more than just a couple. Give us a call (615-293-9072) or email us.

Hope to see you in class!